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Changel Eliswa John is a recent graduate from Northern Lights College who is passionate about writing and traveling. She is a simple girl who is interested in talking about the basic things that go unnoticed.The brown saga is a way to realize your passion and a clue to the fact about who you really are, along with some travel, love and joy!

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I'm dreaming In the parallel world, I'm diffused in happiness Its so reel still I crave To be in that fantasy world, where there is no...


I felt an ache when I knew where I’d stand. I was stranded in a cliff not knowing why Beauty ahead tempted me to fly I see no trench upon...

The Lamp Post

I guess the lamp post is so blessed It has seen many lives over years It has seen people’s heart, their vain The lamp post has many...


What is real wealth? A healthy life to give gratitude A true friend to lean on An empathy to understand others A heart to spread kindness...


I remember in ninth grade, my English teacher taught me that " you are remembered by everyone as long as you are in the limelight"....

Upside down 🙃

So bored at home? Tired of self-isolation? Angry that you’re most waited trip is cancelled? Changed your sleeping pattern? I can really...


We are living in a world were some people live their life the fullest with the influence of money and power, some people try hard to burn...

Pain of Loss

Pain of loss is something that I cannot explain through words. It reminds me of a movie quote that goes “pain demands to be felt”. Does...

Late realizations #2

The Audrey Brummet Library was so quiet and beautiful but it took an year and half for me to realize it☹️ Feeling pity about myself ☹️

About myself #1

To all those people who don't know me, I feel like I’m not so introverted and not so extroverted. I categorize myself as an ambivert. I...

Little things

I believe that even a minute thing that we do in our life reflect our character and personality. I have seen many people helping each...

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