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I remember the day that I first came to know about COVID-19. It was on last December 2019. I was just scrolling my phone and then this virus effecting Chinese people caught my attention. To be honest, I just read the news and ignored it, thinking ‘they will be fine’ ( I know its a cruel thing to do). Unfortunately, now this issue has become a global pandemic that changed our life upside down. Now I have realized that healthcare professionals are real heroes. I am waiting for the day when all of this will be over. Now I get to know the values of our loved ones and importance of spending time with them.

I am in my home most of the time and I work two days a week. I have been following a self-care plan and it is highly essential in this crisis time. physically I feel lethargic most of the time. Before, I have been outside always and was physically active. Staying home and social distancing thing made me a bit lazy. To compensate that now I am doing small exercises at home and constantly keep in touch with my family and friends through phone.

Mentally and emotionally, I am a bit stressed and anxious. I am stressed about my studies. Exams are coming and online exams could be tuff. I am worried about my family in India as they are lock-down for 21 days and both my parents are laid off from work. My sister is in India, but in a different place. She couldn’t travel back home because of COVID-19 issues. I realized that how family can impact us so much even if we are in different parts of the world.

Spiritually I am very low. I always found my spiritual strength going to church and having personal prayer. Now that the church is closed, and I really miss going church every week. As this week is considered as holy week, not being able to go church and celebrate Easter is pretty saddening. I calmed myself by thinking that this too will pass and every situation that we are facing now temporary.

COVID-19 had proved us that our life can change in 0.5 seconds and guess what, we will never know! I had a quite spectrum of reactions towards this event. I was happy at the first because I could stay home and I really needing a break. And them now I am overwhelmed and anxious about future. I did my part of the practicum at Women Resource Society and they have started to run out stuffs and they are waiting for donations and kind peoples to volunteer for a new service delivery programme. Poor and vulnerable people constantly need our support especially in this crisis. Right now, I am having big question mark on my head on everybody’s future. Especially about homeless people, people who needs support and people who are sick. I hope everything will be fine and I am eagerly waiting for the day when everything goes back to normal.

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