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Happiness Journey Day #1 : Cooking for myself

I thought to cook something for myself today. I was thinking of cooking some macaroni with pasta sauce. I went into the kitchen, opened my fridge. I saw some veggies. Honesty, I didn't really wanted to add those veggies into my pasta but I was in a great mood to chop some vegetables.

I just mixed all the veggies in a pan and steamed it. I am not really a good cook but I know to cook food to survive. I have had people who blamed me or simply considered me as a person who don't know how to cook. That kinda blaming really hurt me a lot.

After that, I added chili powder and onion powder to the well done veggies because I like it spicy. At last, I added the boiled macaroni to the veggies and added tons of pasta sauce. I added soy sauce and teriyaki sauce for extra flavor ( I know its so weird).

I don't know how, it turned out really good.

I felt so happy and satisfied. Happiness is around us abundantly and sometimes we fail to notice it. Today I found happiness in doing something for myself. No one can pour from an empty cup and so fill your cup with something that makes you feel most alive!


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