Home- Part and Parcel of Our Life

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

When I think of home,one of the childhood memories that rushes into my mind is this picture from the cartoon Tom&Jerry, where Jerry finally make it home after all the chaos. I remember me having this immense joy when I see Jerry walks into his home. And I think the creators intentionally depicted Jerry to hit his head on the board, so the audience could notice that beautiful board again which says 'Home Sweet Home'.

As a kindergartner, home doesn't made any sense to me. If I'd see a picture of house, I would call it home.On those lower primary ages, home conveyed me an idea of house with people, with garden, things that I own. Home was just an idea of so many materials. The idea of home changed growing older. Later home became parents and siblings, became a place of togetherness, spot for sharing, beginning of love and care. In general, I would define Home as- A COMFORT SPACE WITHIN FOUR WALLS WHERE YOU GET PERCEPTUAL LOVE, HELP AND SAFETY WITHOUT ANY DEMANDS. As an adult, idea of home evolved from a physical component to cognitive component. Home became a feeling. A feeling of belonging, worth and acceptance. I had this strong tendency to drift into any place where I got love and care and I called it home. What exactly is Home?The definition that I have for home right now is, the only place where I can go when I feel like I have lost everything. An only place where I am accepted even after getting rejected by everyone and everything. Talking it in a spiritual way, my soul longs to go home and be with my heavenly father. Just like St. Augustine said, my soul is restless until I make it to my home the HEAVEN. God has created millions of beautiful things and I believe that the best and wonderful among them is the idea of home the part and parcel of life.


Changel John

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