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International Day of Happiness!

Today is International Day of Happiness! Be happy and do something that brings you smile!!

But what exactly is happiness?

Is that a state of pleasure or an emotion?

For kids, happiness would be eating an ice-cream or not going to school. For a teenager, happiness would be playing his/her musical instrument or being with someone they love. For an adult, happiness would be getting a promotion or getting an off from work. For elderly population, happiness would be simple as meeting their grand children or getting retired.

As for me, its been a long time since I've felt happy!! I have even forgot how to be happy or what is like to be in the state of happiness!! I know that sounds terrible. Being around with everything that makes you happy and not able to feel it is the worst feeling ever!

So, from today onward I am planning to implement some changes in my life to be happy!! I don't really know what to do or where should I start! But I need to change and happiness starts from that commitment to change.

If you're like me, change yourself and its never too late!!

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