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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

I remember in ninth grade, my English teacher taught me that " you are remembered by everyone as long as you are in the limelight".

People always tries to project/push themselves for everything in the desire to fit in this world. They fear being forgotten and ignored. The world is so influential and people tent to imitate what other 'popular' people do despite what harm they cause to us and others.

Taking a simple realistic example,

A young girl who come across a make-up tutorial video on Instagram desires it to buy those and maybe dream to do a makeup tutorial for herself. But the girl is from a middle-class family and her parents work hard to get her the essential things. Now tell me something? who was the one that made mistake? was it the girl who watched the video? was it the 'popular' person who is did the tutorial? was it Instagram? or was it the parents who need to be blamed for being poor?

I would say its no ones mistake.

It is the desire to be in the limelight and the extreme need of attention from others that should be blamed!

Do you think this is healthy? Do you know where does this lead us to? It could possibly lead us to one of the deadly sin which is called as 'Pride'.

Okay, what is a healthy desire?

Let me give some examples for healthy desires,

Desiring to have a better future and working on it, desiring to love a person- finding various ways to prove it, desiring to seek knowledge- which cannot be found in textbook, desiring to become the reason for a productive change, desiring to see a person grow, desiring to have a change in your own life etc.

I wished people realized that growth is not measured by public but by our own healthy desires.

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