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Travel is a realization

Many of them travel for pleasure or as a tool to get some peace from work and day today chaos, some travel to explore and to reinvent. Whereas some travel for knowledge and some travel as it is their passion. But there are some people who travels without any reason. well I guess am one among them!! The spirit who wanders with no reason or with no intention!! The only thing that I’ve learn from traveling that it helps us to understand ourselves more. Nobody can understand what we are and what we aspire for unless you really wanted to open in front of others. Not everybody is open minded. People hide things. They hide their scars to not reveal them to the world as they consider it as their weakness. For me, the scars that a person have is a sign of bravery and rebellion. When a person travel, the experience that they get from traveling makes them realizes that the imperfections that they have is nothing when compare to the life and situations in which other people are going through. Traveling is a realization. A realization that helps you to understand that we are human race, and everybody goes through the same shit as you do and you are not alone in this planet earth!

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