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Upside down 🙃

So bored at home?

Tired of self-isolation?

Angry that you’re most waited trip is cancelled? Changed your sleeping pattern?

I can really understand your pain


you have got food in front of you,

you have a cellphone and wifi connection to stay in touch with everyone,

you have a family or at least a friend who cares about you,

All you have to do it to sit home and chill

Quarantine and isolation is not same for all. As I am an Indian, I’m just taking a simple realistic example from India.

Just think about the people who suffers in the slums of India. They are deprived from fresh water, food and shelter. They are humans just like us who has the right to get access to everything! Think about the people in old age homes and orphanages! Isolation might not be a new thing for them. Think about the people who spend their lives in jail. Don’t they wish to be loved again?

So, do you still think you’re life is hard? that you're the only one who is suffering? Right now, I bet you might be sitting in your couch or in the bed, bored and tired. Be thankful to Jesus for your life. Be thankful that he has shown us mercy. Be thankful for every single breath that you’re taking.

Thank you for your time and patience.

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