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About myself #1

To all those people who don't know me,

I feel like I’m not so introverted and not so extroverted. I categorize myself as an ambivert. I love to meet new people and talk to them, but sometimes I like to be in my home, reading a book and disturbed by no one. I just don’t randomly become friends with someone. It takes me considerable amount time to get attached with someone. I prefer friends who are quite different from me. I like to be friends with someone who think different and whose interests are different when compare to my perspectives. I consider values such as cooperation and sacrifice very important. Because I feel like they are the building block of every relationship and they are the primary values which can lead us to the various secondary values such as love, caring and respecting. Cooperation collaborates the ideas, minds and sprits of many persons and the result is one could solve difficult problems in an easy way. Whereas sacrifice is the best way to express our love and passion towards others. For me, sacrificing our own happiness and time for the sake and well being others is considered as something worth living for. I believe that a person who doesn’t posses any kind of value cannot reflect any values or attitudes. So, what we must do is to belief in yourself, respect others for who they are and be with positive peoples.

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